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Sexual Desecration

There is a terrorist that is secretly and publicly destroying our brothers and sisters –husbands, wives, children and even the ministers of the gospel. In truth, her ultimate goal is to strip us of our dignity and deny us of our claim to eternal life. Her name is Continue reading


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A Christians mission in the world is splendid, it is a mission intended for everyone, it is a mission of service, excluding no one! 

– Pope Francis

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Love is the summation of the law and the yardstick for growth in eternal life. Therefore, render to no one malice, revenge, bitterness or hate because they will prevent you from receiving the heavenly bode of everlasting peace and joy, and a fruitful life on earth. But love, an eternal virtue, helps us to ascend the heavenly bode. Continue reading

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“We are not Christians by name.” We are Christians by our way of life. Our actions must have the salt of love. Every action performed without love is vain. – Father Gabriel Amolegbe Continue reading

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