Women are not objects of slavery and exploitation. Kindly look at your mother, sister, wife or daughters: Would you like them to be enslaved and exploited? –  Fidel E. Afuda

How can your heart rejoice when others are in misery because of your actions? If it does, then your heart is a dead heart. – Fidel E. Afuda

Do you dispose excess or leftover food often? Please, consider those who do not have food in sight to eat. Do you have shoes and clothes pile up in your boxes and wardrobes, unused for months or years? Please, consider those who are in need of clothing.  – Fidel E. Afuda

Do you really have an understanding of conception, life and death? If you do, you will humble yourself and cooperate with God to fulfill the purpose of creating you. And if you fail to humble yourself, the Lord will humble you because He is the Master of creation – the Lord of the universe. -Fidel E. Afuda

Love is proved by deeds; the more they cost us, the greater the proof of our love. -Mother Teresa 

As we labour to live happily on earth, let us labour to have eternal life after our earthly pilgrimage. -Fidel E. Afuda

Every moment comes to us pregnant with a command from God, only to pass on and plunge into eternity, there to remain forever what we have made it.- St. Francis de Sales

It is pure injustice to condemn the poor – calling them lazy and outcast but failed to confront those who impoverished them. -Fidel E. Afuda

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.- Lewis B. Smedes

Faith in Christ means daily conversion, changing our lives in conformity to His will. -Father Edward McIlmail, LC